Welcome to Pageo

Pageo is a leading survey company providing survey, positioning and subsea services to the offshore oil & gas and offshore construction industries.

Pageo has carried various international projects and multi-year survey contract agreements with major oil and construction companies such as Total E&P, BP, Pertamina, Petronas, Premier Oil, ConocoPhillips, Saipem, SMOE, Franklin Offshore, and many others operating in Indonesia and the South East Asia region.

Pageo is home of a group of highly experienced and fully trained surveyors & engineers responsible for providing result driven oil and gas solutions and services to clients throughout the region.

The personnel in Pageo receive extensive specialist training to operate a wide range of survey, positioning and inspection equipments. This is in line with what Pageo believes that People, Professionalism and Commitment are top priorities to providing high level services.

Pageo maintains strategic alliances with other international companies to offer turnkey solutions to clients preferring "one stop shopping" approach. This is also to ensure that Pageo put itself in the global map of the industry.

Pageo continuously develop its high standards in QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) management. This provides details of the QHSE targets, and how these targets are being met in providing a quality services with high regards to safety, health and environments.

Service Provided

Attitude, experienced survey personnel and up to date technology in addition to offshore management skills have enabled Pageo to perform a wide range of survey and subsea services, such as:

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Technological Expertise

Pageo team of professional employees and the management possess the expertise in the operation of a wide range of survey and positioning sensors, and related navigation software and processing packages.

Systems are selected on the basis of delivering the most cost effective and technically reliable solutions for the required projects.